Let Classic Tax Resolution Handle Your Payroll


Classic ensures that your payroll is accurate, on-time, and meets all compliance standards of both Federal and State agencies.

Payroll preparation: Record in the system, cutting check and/or informing employer of the amount for the check to be cut.

Worker's compensation audits: Ensuring the required form is completed and that compensation is being paid to the Federal government.
Classic will use a checklist to ensure compliance.

Unemployment claims: Ensuring unemployment taxes are paid and/or compensation.

W-2 , W-3, 1099 & 1096 preparation: Prepare for all employees. Federal and State payroll tax: (See tax filing sheet)

940 is annual federal forms

941 is the quarterly forms

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Not only is our team of IRS tax specialist ready to help you with all your tax challenges, we can also help with a variety of business services including business bookkeeping, payroll, business formation and more. Classic Tax Resolution is here to help.

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