Classic Tax Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

To advice clients of their options with regard to resolving their specific tax need, being an advocate for our clients before the IRS authorities, and assist in negotiating the lowest possible settlement allowed by law.

We can also help you learn about what you're paying and why. While most preparers provide honest service to their clients, the IRS urges taxpayers to be careful when choosing a preparer - as careful as they would be choosing a doctor or lawyer. Even if someone else prepares a tax return, the taxpayer is ultimately responsible for all the information on the return.

All Services offered are of the highest standard to enable the overburdened Small Business Owner / Operator to better cope with day-to-day operations and challenges and to remain in full compliance of various regulating agencies, more or less worry-free, leaving more time to concentrate on the "bottom line".

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Our team of IRS tax specialist are ready to help you with all your tax challenges. Whether you just need your taxes prepared, or need someone to help protect you from the IRS and help resolve a specific tax problem, Classic Tax Resolution is here to help.

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